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Co-Ed Yoga Stretch

A Yoga Fusion class friendly to men and women who are new to Yoga or those who have practicing regularly. This class aims to demystify yoga and help make it more accessible to all. Yoga Stretch blends Yoga and Pilates principles to increase flexibility, improve posture, emphasize breath, and improve overall well being. Based in the tradition of Iyengar yoga, this class emphasizes alignment of the body and holding poses over a long period. We use the foam roller, Therabands, and a variety of stretches borrowed from other disciples in addition to classic Yoga postures to help bring the body into alignment and promote relaxation.


$10 drop in
$49 unlimited Yoga Stretch/month
$85 10 class card

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Todays Schedule 10/23
Pilates Springboard (RSVP)
11:00 AM
Pilates Springboard (RSVP)
11:00 AM-11:55 AM
Instructor: Shari
Location: #205

An invigorating full-body workout that uses wall Pilates equipment with spring attachments to challenge your core! More info
2 Spots left!RSVP Now

Zumba® Fitness
12:00 PM
Zumba® Fitness
12:00 PM-1:00 PM
Instructor: Jenny
Location: 203

Party yourself into shape with exotic rhythms set to high-energy Latin and international beats. Ditch the workout & join the party! More info

Swing Dance Workshops (RSVP)
5:00 PM
Swing Dance Workshops (RSVP)
5:00 PM-7:00 PM
Instructor: Valerie
Location: 203

Workshops vary in style, purpose, and degree of difficulty. Some workshops may require a partner. More info
40 Spots left!RSVP Now

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