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Pelvic Floor Workshop

Pelvic Floor Workshop

Pelvic floor dysfunction affects 1 in 4 women! Join Alyssa Lee Wilmot, Pilates instructor and Jen Young, Yoga instructor, for a workshop for women connecting to the "taboo" pelvic floor. When the "hammock" of the lower body is essentially not working right, or "turned off," the pelvic floor isn't doing its job. Sometimes this area is so tight or weak that it is not functioning properly. In this workshop we will be learning some simple poses, exercises and techniques you can incorporate into your daily life to create better pelvic floor function. We will discuss the moon and our cycle, transitioning into harvest, uncover some common misconceptions about the pelvic floor, offer some easy solutions to help with female issues, and provide ways to even improve our sex lives. Ladies you don't want to miss this workshop!

Please bring a notebook and pen for some journaling, and plan for a full Yoga-Pilates class as well. We will provide each guest with a take home packet of the exercises we covered in class with ideas to help create your pelvic floor daily ritual.


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