Any participating person (hereinafter ‘PARTICIPANT’) in a training program, exercise program, class, or any other event (hereinafter collectively ‘TRAINING’) sponsored and/or conducted by, or on behalf of, The Movement Factory, its directors, employees, independent contractors, and/or training instructors (hereinafter collectively ‘PROVIDER’), will participate in said TRAINING, including, but not limited to, engaging in physical activity and exercise associated with the TRAINING, and utilizing equipment, instruction, services, facilities, and premises, entirely and expressly at the PARTICIPANT'S own risk. Further, in express consideration for being permitted to participate in said TRAINING, PARTICIPANT, on behalf of herself or himself, agrees to completely and forever release and hold harmless PROVIDER from any and all liability for injury, death, damages, any loss to PARTICIPANT and/or the personal property of the PARTICIPANT, as well as any claim, demand, lawsuit, injury, and damage of whatever type or nature (hereinafter collectively ‘CLAIM’), even if caused by acts or omissions, including but not limited to negligence, of PROVIDER. In addition, as further consideration for being permitted to participate in said TRAINING, PARTICIPANT authorizes PROVIDER to take photographs and/or video images of PARTICIPANT (hereinafter collectively ‘PICTURES’) during the TRAINING for use by PROVIDER in advertisements and/or other promotional materials for similar future events. PARTICIPANT hereby expressly consents to such use and forever releases any and all rights that PARTICIPANT has as to his or her image as depicted in the PICTURES, as well as any and all other rights PARTICIPANT may have to the PICTURES. The PARTICIPANT further expressly agrees that the foregoing WAIVER AND RELEASE OF LIABILITY is intended to be as broad and inclusive as permitted by law, and that if any portions of this WAIVER AND RELEASE OF LIABILITY are found invalid for any reason, it is agreed that the balance shall, notwithstanding, continue in full legal force and effect.

I understand that there is a fee for all no-shows and any cancelations less than 12 hours before class for all RSVP classes. I understand I will receive an invoice reflecting no-shows and cancelations and I agree to be responsible for any due balances on my account.

While exercise is important, if you are sick, it is appreciated if you please cancel your appointment/spot in class for the day. That way, you get the rest you need and you reduce the chances of spreading your cold/flu to others. I have read, understand, and agree to the Liability Waiver, Cancelation/No Show Policy, and Policy on Illness of The Movement Factory.