Due to concerns regarding the coronavirus (COVID-19) we will be cancelling classes and private lessons on our schedules through May 1st, and possibly further. At this stage there can be no certainty of the date for restarting. We will keep you posted.

Lauren Rebholz

Lauren Rebholz

ZUMBA® Instructor

  • BS, Secondary Education - Loyola University Chicago, 2018
  • BA, English - Loyola University Chicago, 2018
  • ZUMBA® Fitness Certified, Basic - 2015

Lauren's passion for group fitness is rooted in a lifetime of dance. She started taking dance classes at three, and continued to explore different styles of dance such as jazz, ballet, lyrical, and musical theater until she graduated high school. Her love of dance lead to a passion for ZUMBA® during her first year of college, and Lauren has been a devoted instructor and participant ever since. Lauren enjoys ZUMBA® because of the joy it has brought to her life, and the joy it can bring to people of all ages and ability levels. She believes ZUMBA® is a unique opportunity that make fitness fun through dance and camaraderie, and Lauren looks forward to building the ZUMBA® family at the Movement Factory. Lauren's class is a high intensity dance workout that combines styles of dance and music from around the world for a fun, energy-boosting experience. Who cares if you have two left feet; as long as you're moving and having fun, you're doing ZUMBA® right! Besides ZUMBA®, Lauren is a high school English teacher and a Disney princess, and deeply enjoys reading, writing, and building puzzles with her roommate. Stop into a class, enjoy a workout, and ask her about being a princess sometime!

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