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Hip Hop Workshop

Hip Hop Workshop

Join us for a Hip hop workshop with Melissa Avery visiting from Millenium Dance Complex Pittsburgh.

Melissa Avery is a proud native of North Carolina. While she loves all dance styles, hip-hop is her passion! Melissa has 10 years under her belt as a dancer and choreographer. She has danced and choreographed for Grammy nominated Christian artist, Travis Greene, and has worked with very well known and respected choreographers in conventions around the country. She has done countless flash mobs, stage performances, and music videos.Melissa focuses on Texture, Timing, Energy, and Expression in her classes. Inspire. Motivate. Create.

Melissa says: "In class I will make sure the Choreography is broken down for easy understanding. In addition to the choreography, we will be going over timing, texture, and expression. No matter where you are in dance you will have a blast! Guaranteed. For the most part I let the music move me. Depending on the song the Choreography can be mixed with sharp quick musicality, groove, and some can have a jazz funk style where it's more sassy. I love to give a variety of vocabulary throughout my routines. My style stays pretty consistent with a mix of musicality and texture. I do not have contemporary or any technical background. I'm rooted in hip hop but I give many different feels depending on the song choice."



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