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"I am incredibly grateful to TMF for helping me improve my fitness right from my own home...Pilates through TMF has been a godsend." K.T., Pilates Client, 2022

"...thank you for your thoughtful, mindful instruction and your cheerful outlook as our bodies fink out on us." -B.H, Pilates Client, 2021

" I love the classes, virtual or in studio ❤️" - D.A., Pilates Client, 2020

"I feel like I engage my core more and stand up straighter for the rest of the day after doing Pilates!" - N.B., Virtual pilates Client, 2020

"Thanks for all you do! I’d be lost without your studio! It has helped me both physically and mentally!” -J.G., Pilates client, 2020

"Excellent class instructors and comfortable, positive vibe you have created in the studios.” -T.N., Pilates client, 2020

"Thank you Alyssa, we really enjoyed working with you and there's no way we can express how much you did to help make our wedding so amazing! We were so happy with our first dance, and overall, I'm pretty sure I danced more at our wedding than I have in the last decade." -T.S. & J.S., wedding clients, 2019

"We wanted to let you know that everyone was wowed by our first dance! We got a ton of compliments." -J.K. and D.Q., Wedding clients 2019

"Thank you for creating such a pleasant and welcoming environment :)" - S.B., Pilates client, 2019

"Cannot begin to tell you how much my friends and I are loving you, your studio and our experience!" -T.B., Pilates client, 2019

"I wanted to let you know how happy I am to have found your studio!  The sessions I've had with you (Alyssa), Shari, and Mikaela have all been really fantastic!  You're all great teachers, and it's been fun to get everyone's insights and perspectives on things like posture, body mechanics, and neuromuscular training, etc through pilates.  My body is really happy about Pilates!" -S.S., Pilates client, 2019

"I am currently enrolled at your Lakewood studio and have attended a number of Jennifer Lenhart's yoga classes.  I am writing to express my overwhelming satisfaction with Jennifer's instruction.  I have taken yoga from various instructors over the years, and there is no doubt that Jennifer is simply the best yoga teacher I have ever had.  I also use yoga videos when I can't get to a studio, and Jennifer surpasses all of the video instruction I have tried as well.  Jennifer's  overall instruction is excellent, interesting and makes me work.  Most importantly, I know when I take Jennifer's class that I am working properly.  Her  hands-on assists assure me of the proper position and have helped me immensely in striving for my best posture in a pose.  I can feel definite improvement since working with her. Thank you for making Jennifer's classes available to me.  I look forward to each one!" -M.B., Yoga client, 2019

"I am so thankful for The Movement Factory and am inspired by how you built a business from the ground up that has touched so many lives. I love that you expanded and keep things fresh but still grounded" -E.H., Pilates client, 2019

"After giving birth to my daughter...not once did any trainer mention anything about the possibility of distasis recti as an issue. I expressed my concern that I just didn’t feel that my core was normal. They always discounted it from poor diet. I’m so glad you enlightened me. I wish I would have started your Pilates program sooner." -M.K., 2019 Pilates client

"I’m a 62 year old woman. I find your studio to be wonderful and welcoming to all ages.” M.K., 2019

"Thank you Alyssa for your creativity, artistry, experience, incredible depth and breadth of knowledge, patience, and fantastic teaching!  It is a privilege to be your student." –Pilates and Dance client, 2018 

“Everybody loved it! Throughout the entire night everyone kept complimenting us and asking us how many lessons it took us as where we went. If you watch in the video everyone was captivated by our dance and all eyes were on us, which is what I wanted because most weddings I go too people don’t pay attention anymore, but for ours they did and that meant so much to me. By far one of the best decisions we made for our wedding was going to you and getting our dance choreographed! hope we made you proud” -Wedding dance client, 2018

"I wanted to congratulate you on having and maintaining a wonderful dance studio.

Your reputation is flawless and people love your facility." - R.S., 2018 

"I absolutely loved Zumba with Bill on Saturday. It was probably the most fun Zumba class I've ever attended!!" -T.A., 2018

"The way you treat your clients and run your business is exemplary!" -M.S., 2018

"I have fibromyalgia, and Pilates has been the only thing I've been able to keep doing with chronic pain. I really like it." -J.C., 2018

"I was definitely able to utilize the space for a rental. I was so excited of what a beautiful and great space it is, exactly what I needed! I’ll definitely be interested in renting again in the future. " -M.H., 2018 

"I am so excited to be on the beach in my bikini especially after all of the Bootybarre and Pilates classes it has made such a noticeable difference for me :)! " -N.F., 2017

"I just saw your Thanksgiving gratitude post. Your studio is ran so nice and you really do a great job showing each client that you care. I really appreciate that!" -C.P., 2017

"I love your class so much and feel it has really helped get my body back in shape after baby.”-T.H., 2017

"Thank you so much for being understanding and flexible! I love the studio, and Jen's classes, and am always happy to be there!" -C.Y., 2017

"Thanks for your studio! I've become addicted to Pilates and it's such a great release while I'm away from surfing!" -K.R., 2017

"I LOVED INTRO week!! I am so happy to have found your studio. Thanks for a great week. Looking forward to my next class” -C.P., 2017

"A couple Saturdays ago, we found Room 203 and knocked on the door. There was a class going on. The young woman who answered the door took a couple minutes to answer our questions and we peeked in the studio. She made me feel very welcome. She was great! Thought you'd like to know that in under 5 minutes, I felt welcomed and encouraged. What could be better than that? (and I came to my first class last Saturday and loved it)" — M.K., 2017 

"The summer solstice practice at Lakewood Park yesterday was phenomenal!" -J.E., 2017

"The POUND class was really good. Melissa was a great instructor. I felt like it was a perfect cardio workout because you were distracted from how hard you're working by the beats with the Ripsticks. I loved it!” -E.L., 2017

"I think it is a double blessing to have such experienced and professional level dancers, gymnasts and others as fitness instructors. With that kind of background, along with the continuous learning and certification that everyone there pursues, you get a very high level of instruction. Plus they are all hilarious. I've even burst out laughing during a Teaser. Ouch." - K.D., 2017

"I can't thank you enough for everything! This was exactly the experience we had hoped for. I am a current Chardon High School Cheer Coach and a former National Champion All-Star and Competitive Cheer Coach. I did my homework and chose you over other area dance schools as well as over my highly accomplished cheer and dance coach peers. I just knew you were extremely talented and Anthony equally so!" -J.K., 2017

"Thanks for everything you do for health, Lakewood, women, and all of us!”-A.D., 2017

"I loooooved your class!! It felt like therapy for my body!" -A.P. 2017

"I love Pilates for how strong it makes me! It is interesting how it has incorporated itself into my regular Yoga practice and walking/running. Yes, I even feel it when I am walking. It is ingenious" -KD, 2017

"I really enjoy your studio, and Jen is a great instructor." -C.Y., 2017

"I love the ZUMBA® classes!!! Jenny is so great! Her energy is awesome and she accepts all skill levels (which for me is none) and all body types and ages!! I laugh the entire time and just really have such a great time!! So happy to have discovered her class!!" - B.M. 2017

"I really enjoyed coming in January to the Wednesday yoga classes. The instructor is fantastic." P.E. 2017

"Coming to TMF is one of the best parts of my day. Thanks so much for providing such a fun, supportive environment!" -E.G. 2017

"Love you, the studio and your vision! Thank you for all you do for us!" - J.S. 2017

"I am so appreciative of you and TMF. It’s a wonderful thing you have brought to this area. You help so many people through your classes and with your positive outlook. As I count my blessings for 2016 you and all you have shared with me are right up near the top of the list!" - D.A. 2017

"Shari is such a good teacher.  I adore her.  She doesn’t miss any detail." - V.S. 2017

"I really think your classes and yoga instructor are the best!" R.P. 2017

"Every day I feel gratitude that circumstances were such that I found The Movement Factory. Thank you for being a friend." -D.A. 2016

"It [father daughter dance] went awesome and we got a ton of compliments - thanks!" - S.M., 2016

"Me, my back, and the lovely new lady I am caring for would like to thank you for my pilates belly & body knowledge. I couldn't take care of these folks without you . #itsnotallaboutboutabikinibody #itsabouttheheart" - K.D., 2016

"It is great to find such a nice studio in Cleveland. I have just moved from Vegas and I was looking for a place like this." -L.K. 2016

"ABSOLUTELY love your dance/exercise studio and have had fantastic experiences both times I have been there. I think your company is one of the best assets in CLE! My expectations were met and exceeded." - J.T. 2016

"We did it! [father daughter wedding dance] set the tone for an evening that EVERYBODY danced until the turned the lights off. I appreciate all of your help on my daughter's big day. Thank you!" -S.S. 2017

"One of the many reasons I love going to classes at the Movement Factory is because everyone there is so friendly and welcoming! Thank you for providing a space that I can have fun and make friends while working out!" - M. B. S. 2015

"... TMF is a huge part of my normal! I just can't tell you how much it has come to mean to me over the past two years. Thank you for your approach of bringing Pilates to everyone! When I started with you, I weighed 25 pounds more than now. While in still hope to loose a few more pounds, I am so much more comfortable with myself now! Your guidance and kindness have encouraged me along the way! I will also say that while I love all my classes at TMF with all of the great instructors, there's nothing like an Alyssa class" -S.S. 2015

"It is easy to grow as a dancer at your studio, I feel like I get better everyday." -A.D. 2015

"I LOVE springboard and mat/ball Pilates - I know that there is nothing like it [The Movement Factory] elsewhere." - B.S. 2015

"You run an amazing business. I love the culture you have created and am having a lot of fun while fitting fitness back into my life :)" - N.L. 2014

"I want to thank you for establishing this is by far the best thing I have done for myself in ages. It’s like a community. The instructors and staff are all so friendly and knowledgeable. I’m addicted." - T.G. 2014

"Your studio has been amazing in helping bring Pilates to so many who, like me, were uninformed about what it was all about!!! I have fallen in love with all things Pilates since coming to TMF. I'm so glad I stumbled upon your Groupon from last year because coming there has been so great for stress, friendships, relaxation, and building physical strength and confidence! Thank you, and thanks for being so inspiring all around!!" -S.L 2014

"Thank you for taking the time to listen and follow up. That's what makes your business more of a family atmosphere where you feel like you're at your home away from home!" -L.J. 2014

"I am loving the Pilates studio! I have to admit; I was intimidated by the thought of Pilates and worried that I wouldn't be able to do it considering my hip limitations. As you well know, it was the exact opposite and has already provided not only a great workout but I feel myself getting stronger each and every class! You're a wonderful instructor, thank you!" -J.S. 2014

"This studio has transformed my body and spirit and I’m so grateful that such a place exists." - P.G., Group Fitness client, 2014

"You continue to go above and beyond and it's noticed. I'm amazed by your effort, understanding, and patience. I can't think of another owner who would take the time to listen, respond, and then implement the requests of their clients. TMF is one of a kind. Thank you for my home away from home!" - T.G. 2014

"I wanted to tell you how much I love the studio and all your amazing instructors. Sometimes I feel so good after Pilates, I just want to hug Kimberly/Lindsay/Shari for being so consistently awesome and inspiring. True story. You have created something very special." -A.K. 2014

"How refreshing! A business that actually tries to accommodate its clients! I really like your studio!" -M.S. 2014

"All of your instructors are awesome! I am truly so happy to have TMF so close by. It is such a great place. Thanks for all of your hard work in making it what it is and hiring quality instructors. It makes all the difference in the world." -Anonymous client 2014

"I always enjoy my classes...I really like the diversity of teaching styles at TMF...I love all my instructors and classes. Pilates has impacted my life so much! I just love it!" - S.S. 2014

"I was so impressed with your studio, your kindness and caring way and have been following your great success through your newsletters. Congratulations!" - B.S. 2014

"Just wanted to reach out and extend a big THANK YOU for letting me come in to TMF to teach again - it was a wonderful experience and the students were great. You have such an incredible business filled with happy people and shining souls!"-J.W. 2014

"...Many thanks for your flexibility, it’s truly appreciated. You truly run the best business, I am grateful for everything – the collective expertise, scheduling, flexibility, caring, etc., you and your staff are simply amazing – and it’s rare to have run across a business like yours!"-C.O. 2014

"...I just want to thank you for all your hard work and your amazing studio! TMF has really been life changing for me! I have lost over 45lbs in the past 5 months and I have the work I am putting in at TMF to thank for a lot of that! I never knew exercise could be so fun and addicting...I actually want to workout and crave it when I miss a class! All of your instructors and staff are friendly, encouraging and supportive! You are doing an amazing job and helping countless people, just like me, take back control of their bodies and their lives. You should be very proud of yourself and your accomplishments. You rock! A million times, thank you!" -J.S. 2014

"I went to the Dr. on Monday and we were both shocked that I had gained 2 inches in height. Went from 5'3" to 5'5". If you remember after staff infection in spine and compression factors I went from 5'6" to 5'3" back in 2006. She has been my diligent Physician at Cleveland Clinic since before that. She suggested doing Pilates and building my core strength had stretched me up 2 inches. She also told me how smart it was to do Pilates as often people my age just sit down and regress further and further ending up with broken bones with lack of quality of life in later years. Pilates and a bit of help from her will keep me strong and healthy for many years to come. So thank you and feel free to share that with others. She is in Internal Medicine at Cleveland Clinic and a smart woman. I have for many years had the beginnings of renal failure and we keep close watch on that. She says as did the Nephrologist 'Just keep the Pilates Up'." -M.H. 2014

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