Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Who can take classes at The Movement Factory?

A: All group classes are for adults 18+ over, except for Private training.

Q: Where is The Movement Factory located?

A: We are located inside the Historic Lake Erie Screw Building, across from Madison Park, and just minutes from the communities of Rocky River, Westlake, and other Cleveland suburbs.

Our main studio at 13000 Athens Avenue #203, is inside a working factory, on the 2nd floor. To access the 2nd floor studio, please enter the main glass doors on Athens, go up the stairs to the 2nd floor, and turn left. On weekends and evenings enter through the entrance of the side parking lot that says "loading dock," go to the 2nd floor, turn left out of the stairwell, left again walking toward The Wrestling Factory, through the red door, and then around the corner to the left - you will find us there. View our video for directions from Madison Park here or the Screw Factory lot here!

Our Pilates studio at 13001 Athens Avenue #205 is on the 2nd floor of the building at the very back of the industrial park by the security guard booth off of the Bramley entrance (the back of the factory). If entering off Athens, drive all the way back past the industrial buildings. Turn left at the guard booth, and then take another immediate left. If entering from Bramley, pass the stop sign and turn left into the parking lot. There is a smaller, separate parking lot where you can park, and then you enter and walk up the stairs or take the elevator to the 2nd floor. After you get upstairs, walk around the hallway and you will see our Pilates studio on the right hand side. View our video for the Pilates studio directions here!

Q: Where do I park? 

A: For the main studio #203, park in the side parking lot next to the building. Parking in the Madison Park lot across the street is also available when the West Driveway lot is full or the gate is not open.

For the Pilates studio #205, there is a smaller, separate parking lot. If that lot is full, there is parking around the area by the yellow railings or in the alley way.

Q: What should I wear to classes? 

A: We ask all clients wear clean and comfortable fitness, yoga, or dance attire to classes. For group fitness classes, we ask that you please change into your clean indoor fitness shoes before class. For dance classes, please wear appropriate footwear such as ballet shoes (ballet) or clean sneakers (hip hop). Please note that our Pilates studio in #205 has a mandatory sock policy - we require sticky/grippy Pilates socks for all clients which are available for purchase. We do not have a sock policy in studio #203.

Q: How do I cancel a class that I booked? 

A: All cancellations prior to the 12 hour window before class must be made online through your account. Once you cancel, a class will be put back on the existing class card it was taken from or a class credit will be issued. If you have an unlimited package, no changes will have been made to your account but the class will show as "cancelled."

If you need to cancel a class within the 12 hour window, no cancellations are accepted. The class is listed as "no show" on your account. Any cancellation or no show within the 12 hour window will automatically generate a charge of the cost of the class. If there is an emergency or an illness that occurs, you are eligible to get the class back onto your account by emailing the studio at and asking the class to be credited.

Q: How do I cancel a private session that I booked?

A: All cancellations prior to the 12 hour window before class must be made online through your account. Once you cancel, a class will be put back on the existing class card it was taken from or a class credit will be issued.

If you need to cancel a session within the 12 hour window, please text or call your instructor directly, though understand that our policy is a 12 hour cancellation which means no cancellations are accepted and it will automatically generate a charge of the cost of the session. If there is an emergency or an illness that unexpectedly occurs, you are eligible to get the class back onto your account at your trainer's discretion by contacting your trainer directly.

Q: What if there are not enough people to run a class? 

A: As of November 8 2018 all Pilates classes only will require an advanced RSVP with a 2 person minimum needed 12 hours before a class for the class to run. If a class does not have 2 or 3 people signed up 12 hours before the start time, it will be removed from the schedule. All other classes will not have a RSVP minimum and will run if there is 1 person in attendance.

If you have signed up and the class does not meet the minimum in attendance, you will receive an email 12 hours before when the class is cancelled with a class credit and promo code for a future purchase. You will have 60 days to use this class. It will be found under CLASS CARDS in your account and listed as credit for a cancelled class. To use the credit, you must be logged on, and then when you pay select USE CLASS CARD to apply the credit to your purchase If you have an unlimited package, no changes will have been made to your account.

If the class is scheduled to run, and you are for some reason the only one who shows up for class, you will get a private session.

Please sign up in advance, and for Pilates clients, please check your email and our home page schedule wihtin 12 hours before your class so you know if your class is in fact running.

Q: How do I sign up for a class? 

A: Please sign up and pay through your online account. To take a class, you must have an online account. You are welcome to pay cash or check in person at the studio (online account still needed).

Q: Can I rent the studio? 

A:  Our main studio #203 is available for rehearsal rental by professional dance companies and choreographers at an hourly rate. Please contact the studio via our contact form for more information. Based on availability.

Q: What if I am going on vacation or have an injury and need to "hold" or extend my card? 

A: EFFECTIVE JANUARY 1st 2015: 1 extension allowed on each time sensitive purchase - 7 day minimum, 14 day maximum. Additional extensions $25. No exceptions. Please email to request an extension on your class card.

Q: I would like to hold my bachelorette party at The Movement Factory. Is this possible? 

A: Yes! We offer a variety of class options and prices for a private party. Please contact the studio for more information

Q: My business would like to have a class from an instructor from The Movement Factory. Is this possible? 

A: Yes! Corporate training/on site opportunities available to bring a qualified instructor from The Movement Factory to your event or location. Price by request. Please contact the studio for more information

Q: How do I pay for my classes?

A: You may pay online via Visa, MasterCard, AMEX and Discover. In person at the studio we accept cash and check payments as well as those listed above.

Q: Can I have a family member use my package or class card? 

A: No. Packages and class cards are non transferrable between clients.

Q: Why does my class card expire?

A: Customary to all studios, discounted class cards have an expiration date. Please be sure to check the expiration date before purchasing so you are aware of the time frame you have to use your card. As of October 1, 2018, class cards have been extended to use within 6 monhts.

Q: When does my Intro Package expire? 

A: The intro package is valid for 7 days from date of purchase.

Q: Can I get a refund?

A: Purchases at The Movement Factory are non-refundable. We do offer credits to client accounts as requested.

 Q: When do my purchases expire? 

A:  Class cards and private session cards expire 180 days from date of purchase as of October 1, 2018.  Special sales have different time sensitive dates ranging from 1-6 months as advertised. All expired Groupon or Amazon Local deals will be converted to the purchase value - please refer to their websites for more information on policies and contracts and your specific expiration date.

Q: Do you offer student discounts or other discounts?

A: As of February 9th 2017 we no longer offer student or building discounts.



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