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Anula Maiberg: Pilates Workshop - Where Should I Be Feeling This?

Anula Maiberg: Pilates Workshop - Where Should I Be Feeling This?

Sometimes we may be feeling too much or too little in Pilates. How we can keep moving though mild discomforts or lack of sensation and how both are totally acceptable is something Anula will address in this 2 hour workshop.

Anula has changed the way we look at Pilates with her inclusive and kind approach to the Pilates Method. In this workshop deconstruct some of your most challenging exercises. It is such a treat to hear her wisdom and also listen to participants points of view.

Anula Maiberg, co-owner of Sixth Street Pilates, was born in Israel and moved to NYC in 2001. In 2010 Anula decided to attended the Kane School for Core Integration and was fully certified by Kelly Kane. In 2014 she graduated the Kathy Grant Heritage Training® led by Cara Reeser of Pilates Aligned in Denver.

Anula has made a name for herself in the Pilates world, being featured in Pilates Style Magazine, is an instructor for Pilates Anytime, and has over 27K Instagram followers - you can follow Anula on IG @sixthstreetpilates. Her unique way of thinking about Pilates and movement has caught the attention of many.



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